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In today’s podcast, we introduce our Season of SCRUM series, that will last from late 2022 to early 2023.


(transcripts are auto-generated, so please excuse the brevity) Laura Pirro: agile was mentioned and more specifically SCRUM was mentioned

Mark Kilby: We could still use SCRUM in that case.

Nate Greenberg: we have a morning standup, looks like SCRUM.

Dan Ionita: this risk assessment process is aimed at creating awareness regarding security within the SCRUM team.

Hrishikesh Kareka: What that definition of agile means is, is often very problematic It could just mean that we start to do SCRUM and that does not bring agility.

Reama Dagasan: product lifecycle management or SCRUM

Nader K Rad: SCRUM is one framework that is agile. It’s one way of being agile. So, before talking about what a SCRUM is, I really strongly believe that we should talk about the concept of agility.

Bill Raymond: Hi, this is Bill Raymond, the host of the Agile and Action Podcast. We have recorded more than 80 podcasts that cover a wide array of topics related to business agility. While I just shared a few clips from our library of work. You may have noticed one word come up more frequently than any other, and that is the word SCRUM.

Bill Raymond: So that’s what I’m going to do is share with you some different ideas over this next season. This fall and winter 2022 to 2023 season. To cover more topics on SCRUM. Now, we’re not going to just talk about SCRUM. We’re going to have some other interesting guests as well, but I am excited to put some focus here on the SCRUM framework for you.

And I want you to be aware that we are doing this because of your feedback that you would like to learn more about this framework.

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