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Hi, this is Bill Raymond. It is August 2nd, 2022, and I am excited to make a few announcements. The first and most important announcement is that we have grown to over 10,000 listeners.

Thank you!

I want to thank the team who helps deliver a quality podcast every week. And of course, I want to thank you, our listener. We hope to continue providing you with a podcast that is valuable for your personal career growth and helps people in organizations think differently about how we work and interact with each other.

A big milestone!

Another exciting announcement that I want to share with you is that we are celebrating our two year anniversary this month. I created the Agile in Action with Bill Raymond podcast because the terms agile and agility can mean many things. And many people think that agile is a term used for software development and indeed the roots of that specific term come from that community. When you listen to this podcast, you will almost certainly hear from people in the software community, but you will also hear how agile concepts run across many different disciplines.

You can hear James Plunkett at Citizens Advice. Talk about agile for government policy development. I have also interviewed Andrea Fryrear, as we talk about agile for marketing, and Loreal Jiles, who shares the benefits of adopting agile techniques in finance organizations. Agile and agility is a movement that continues to build steam in the workplace. Organizations that recognize the value in small teams, building great things are the ones that will benefit the most. And I want to help you understand how that works in practice.

Of course smaller, more autonomous teams are just one component of the change required to implement agility. Teams need to thrive in the workplace, which is why Dr. Tracy Browers shares her ideas on that very same topic. Linda Varrell talks about dealing with ambiguity in the workplace. And just recently Alla Weinberg shares how you can create a place of psychological safety in the workplace.

All our podcasts are free of charge from wherever you get your podcasts. You can even listen to our podcasts on the website.

Introducing transcripts

Now earlier I mentioned, I have a few big announcements. As if 10,000 viewers and a two year anniversary, weren’t enough, we are excited to announce that we are providing a feature many of you have asked for, and that is transcriptions. Moving forward, when you go to a podcast on the website, you will see the transcriptions for any new podcasts. And let’s starting with the July 26 , 2022 podcast titled the leaders mindset required for organizational agility and that’s with Dr. Thomas Grisham.

Call for guests

Another announcement is that we are looking for guests that have a passion for organizational change, agility, team development, leadership, and modernization. If you are that person or know someone that is just send me an email at

That’s, one word.

Want to support the community?

If you’re interested in being part of our growing community of 10,000 plus listeners and have a product or service that you think our audience will be interested in, use that same email address of

Finally, I would like to ask you for a favor. If you’re listening to this podcast right now in an app and it’s safe to do so, please rate the podcast with five stars. And if you have the time, write a quick review, those two kind acts help us in growing the community and keeping the podcast going.

So that is it. We now have 10,000 subscribers and are celebrating a two year anniversary and we will be providing transcripts for all future podcasts on the website.

We are on LinkedIn

Actually there is one more thing. We publish our podcast updates weekly on the Agile in Action with Bill Raymond podcast site on LinkedIn. So if you’re on that platform, you can subscribe and get updates whenever we make an announcement or publish a new podcast.

Thank you again!

So thank you very much. And next week we will be back with another podcast.

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This business-focused podcast focuses on an audience that is passionate about making positive change in their organizations. The podcast presents interviews with leaders and practitioners who work tirelessly to modernize how teams work.

The Agile in Action with Bill Raymond podcast is sponsored in part by Cambermast LLC, an agile consulting firm that helps customers bridge the divide between business and technical leadership to improve team effectiveness.

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Call for speakers and sponsorship

If you or someone you know would like to be a guest or sponsor, please contact our executive producer, Reama Dagasan.