About this podcast episode

Continuing our “Agile in…” series, we talk to Emily Disque and Laura Pike Seeley from the renowned design and architecture firm HKS, Inc. You will learn how their Global Knowledge Services (GKS) team drives knowledge strategy in support of HKS’ values and priorities.

You’ll learn how GKS collaborates with designers, researchers and technical staff to formalize knowledge surrounding essential topics, including sustainability, transformation and brain health. Finally, you will learn how GKS uses agile principles and methods to affect company-wide change through a radical commitment to transparency and psychological safety.

About Emily Disque

Emily is the Director of Global Knowledge Services at HKS, Inc., an international architecture firm. Driven by an interest in design research and the business of architecture, she leads teams toward solutions to improve design decision-making and business rigor. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business, and has a background as a product owner and knowledge services professional.

About Laura Pike Seeley

Laura is a design librarian and knowledge services professional currently serving as Knowledge Program Manager at HKS, Inc., a leading global architecture firm headquartered in Dallas. In this role, Laura helps guide the firm’s knowledge strategy by championing knowledge building and sharing, information organization and findability, and employee experience within the digital workplace. After graduating from Texas A&M University, Laura earned her Master of Library and Information Science (MS) and Master of Arts in History (MA) from Simmons College in Boston. Her interest in the digital workplace follows naturally from her background in corporate library services, where effective outreach and communications, information and resource organization, and a constant focus on the user experience were key drivers of success. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband and two sons.