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Building a product culture and operating model

Very often, we refer to agile as supporting a product-focused operating model. So, what is that operating model and what might it look like? Blake Bassett defines an operating model and then shares how you can consider creating your own. Blake shares how to consider building a model by using the following topic areas:

1. Goals and measures of success

2. Team principles

3. Development process

4. Workflow

5. Activities

6. Decision-making

7. Communication


Blake Bassett

About the Agile in Action with Bill Raymond podcast

This business-focused podcast focuses on an audience that is passionate about making positive change in their organizations. The podcast presents interviews with leaders and practitioners who work tirelessly to modernize how teams work.

The Agile in Action with Bill Raymond podcast is sponsored in part by Cambermast LLC, an agile consulting firm that helps customers bridge the divide between business and technical leadership to improve team effectiveness.

Hosted by: Bill Raymond

Executive Producer: Reama Dagasan

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