About this podcast episode

In today’s lively conversation with Adam Jennison, Enterprise Agile Consultant, you will learn how agile teams estimate their work and track how well they performed based on the estimate. You will also learn how to implement these concepts in your team, no matter what type of work you do.

If you come from a traditional project management background, you are likely familiar with the process of defining tasks, assigning resources, and estimating hours.

As organizations continue their shift to product-centric work, agile teams will define what they can accomplish in short iterations (or sprints). Those iterations typically run 1-4 weeks. An agile team will look at the backlog of work and determine what they will do based on criteria like value, risk, and hours to complete. Rather than estimating individual hours for each person, the team will agree to story points. When the iteration is complete, you can use a velocity metric to determine how well they did against the plan.

If you are unfamiliar with story points and velocity, do not fret. Adam explains it all with ease and shares some great stories along the way.