About this podcast episode

Adopting agile means organizing your teams for efficiency, or as authors Manuel Pais and Matthew Skelton put it, improving team flow. Their book Team Topologies is a must-read for any organization that wants to adopt agile.

Manuel Pais is the co-author of Team Topologies, a book focused on team organization and agile in corporate spaces. He is a lead Editor at Conflux, and the DevOps Lead Editor at InfoQ, where he uses his background in team topologies and DevOps to further ideas on creating an efficient team in the workplace and beyond. Manuel is also an IT Organizational Consultant and trainer, helping clients understand their organizations and accelerate workflow and delivery practices.

Matthew Skelton is the co-author of Team Topologies and several other books. He is also the Founder and Lead Consultant at Conflux, a specialist publisher of practitioner-led techniques for software teams, and the Lead Instigator at SenseConf, a conference held several times a year to share ideas in DevOps and Agile in corporate spaces. Matthew has written several other books on software delivery, and he also runs a blog where he shares his experiences working with teams and creating an environment where teams can grow on an individual and group scale